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Based on an ASC blog series, this e-book focuses on family caregivers. Many challenges and areas of concern are explored, from the point of realization that care is needed, having "the talk," long-distance caregiving, and aging in place. Two great organizations that deal with family caregivers are highlighted and some eye-opening statistics are given that prove beyond a doubt that, if you are a family caregiver, you are not alone!

For those with dementia, memory loss, or cognitive decline Art can stir memories and encourage reflections that provide moments of joy for them and their loved ones. The Power of Art explores the use of art as therapy, takes a look at several local museum programs for those with dementia or cognitive issues, and additional books and resources you may find useful.

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Alzheimer's -

The Corporate Impact


Music has power for us all, but for those dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's, music can transcend daily struggles and open doors to feelings, movements, and smiles that were thought to be long gone. This e-Book provides information, references to research, and some moments of joy as music and dance are re-discovered. There's even a highlight of The Alzheimer's Music Fest and one of its founders, Vince Zangaro.

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