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At A Superior Choice, we are committed to providing you with resources, education, and information to make your life - and the lives of those you care for - better.

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in Texas Hospital

Doctor Writes Prescriptions for Produce

Dr. Garth Davis has found after years of treating people for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, much of it was caused by the patient's lifestyle. Davis is the medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.

"As physicians, we perform surgery or prescribe medications to our patients to make them well," said Davis. "Why not also educate them on healthy eating, and make fresh fruits and vegetables readily available?

Davis reached out to Kristina Gabrielle Carrillo-Bucaram, founder and chief co-operator of Rawfully Organic, the nation's largest nonprofit organic food co-op based in Houston...

From NPR

When a Patient Says 'Everything's Fine', A Doctor Should Be Wary

Often patients and their doctors can be slow to recognize dementia. Look beyond what's right in front of you!

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Great Organizations for Information

NIH Senior Health

Provides health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.

ADEAR Center

ADEAR Center is a current, comprehensive, unbiased source of information about Alzheimer's Disease. The ADEAR Center is operated as a service of the National Institute on Aging.

Georgia Council on Aging

Advocates with and on behalf of aging Georgians to improve their quality of life. Educates, advises, informs, and makes recommendations concerning programs for the elderly in Georgia. Serves in an advisory capacity on aging issues to the Governor, General Assembly, Department of Human Services, and all other state agencies.

Georgia Gerontology Society

Committed to advocating on behalf of older adults.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Geriatrics and Extended Care

Provides guides and information regarding long term care for veterans.

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From the Mayo Clinic

How to Ask for Help

Alzheimer's caregiving isn't a one-person task - and friends and loved ones may be more willing to help than you'd think. Here's help reaching out

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